Mediation: A Guiding Hand

  • One Mediator per separating couple
  • Generally meetings with mediator and both parties together
  • Mediator assists both parties to understand family law and process, consider practical issues and find workable, agreed solutions

Mediation is all about finding common ground. As a couple, you appoint a mediator to work with you and your separating partner to reach a divorce agreement that is acceptable to you both.

A Mediator will assist you to communicate with each other and will adopt a problem-solving approach to the practical issues of agreeing a divorce settlement. Your Mediator won’t take sides but will provide a calm and neutral environment for you to work through the negotiation process at a pace that suits you.

Mediation is suitable for separating couples with children where residency, access and maintenance need to be resolved as well as for couples where there are family finances and property to be shared fairly.

The Mediator can meet with you and your former partner in a round-the-table discussion or alternatively, if one or both of you are uncomfortable with that format, he or she can meet with each of you separately and shuttle from one to the other until agreement is reached.

Mediation requires you and your separating partner to be willing to reach a fair agreement and committed to a full and honest disclosure of your circumstances.

Mediators in the Good Divorce Group, Norfolk are either specially trained family lawyers or are other professionals who have undergone specialist training and are members of Resolution.

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