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The Good Divorce Group

We believe that a Good Divorce is where, as separating partners, you reach an agreement without further damage to your relationship.

The Good Divorce Group, Norfolk is made up of family lawyers from firms throughout Norfolk who are committed to helping you achieve a divorce or separation in a non-confrontational way, without going to court.

As a result, the Good Divorce has the potential to be both faster and cheaper than traditional routes. Importantly, it can also be less stressful and allows you to control the pace and the agenda of your negotiations.

A Good Divorce can be hugely valuable – in particular if you need to have continued contact with your former partner in the future because of children or shared business interests.

Using Collaborative Law, Mediation and Arbitration, divorce lawyers from the Good Divorce Group, Norfolk will work with you and your former partner to reach an agreement that is fair to you both.

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