How it works

A Good Divorce is achieved through dialogue: instead of exchanging solicitors’ letters, you will work towards agreement in a series of meetings.

Negotiations in a Good Divorce can cover all aspects of your divorce settlement, including matters relating to children, family property and the separation of finances.

The Good Divorce process is suitable for achieving separation agreements between married couples, partners in civil partnerships and cohabitees.

The key to achieving a Good Divorce is the commitment by you and your separating partner to a full and honest disclosure of your circumstances and a willingness to reach agreement.

Not every divorce case will be suitable for the Good Divorce approach: sometimes you or your partner’s emotions may be too raw or your perceptions of what is fair will be too far apart for agreement to be reached between you. In those cases, your divorce lawyer may have no option but to prepare your case for a decision in court.

Whatever route you choose to adopt to achieve your divorce or separation, we recommend that you use a family lawyer who is a member of Resolution. Resolution members believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters and work to an agreed code of practice.

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