The Costs

The cost of a Good Divorce will vary depending on the professional adviser you choose and the complexity of your circumstances. Using one of the Good Divorce routes will save you the costs involved in a court appearance and so may potentially be cheaper.

If both you and your separating partner are open and frank from the outset and willing to reach an agreement with the minimum of negotiation, this will clearly reduce the fees involved.

However, it is undeniable that divorce or separation can be a significant expense. With no state help via legal aid for anyone except those in very special circumstances such as domestic violence, you will need to fund the cost of professional advice yourself.

Your chosen Good Divorce adviser will explain how his or her charges are structured. Many firms offer a fixed fee service, or will provide a breakdown of the likely costs in stages.

You may find information regarding specific fees applied by our members on their own firms’ websites, details of which can be found in our member listings.

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